Murco chooses Philips for upgraded lighting

murco-logoMurco Petroleum is upgrading the lighting in its forecourt shops to LED luminaires provided by Philips Lighting, as part of its rolling refurbishment programme.

Murco has a network of over 225 company-owned service stations across England, Scotland and Wales, each with a retail outlet operated under the Costcutter brand. It says it is continually seeking ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

For this reason it has decided to introduce the latest generation of LED lighting to increase energy efficiency in its shops, while also reducing the cost of ownership. Electrical contractor, Peter Oakes, who has worked with Murco on many shop upgrades, was asked to explore possible solutions.

He said: “We have a very close relationship with Murco and wanted to ensure we found the best solution, in terms of performance, energy and cost. We began by obtaining a sample of all the LED options available and sent them for independent sphere testing to evaluate the claims made by the manufacturers.

“The Philips products literally ‘shone through’ and all of their claims were validated, so they were selected for the project. We also worked with Murco to develop a business case, which showed they could expect a return on investment within 15-18 months, depending on the type of store and the lighting being replaced.”

“We were very pleased with the results of the trials and decided to proceed with a roll-out programme,” said Amalan Poopal, Murco’s shop network manager. “We upgraded around 30 shops during 2013 and expect to complete a further 30-35 by the end of 2014. These have been prioritised so that the shops with the oldest, least efficient lighting are upgraded first.”

Major Newton Heath Refit

refit1Oakes UK were used in the projects for Murco to introduce LED lighting to the forecourt and store.

The forecourt and store site was flattened and redeveloped, quadrupling the size of the store from 300sq ft to 1,000sq ft.

Murco area retail manager Paul Masher said: “The original store had been on the site for years and needing rebuilding and with the development of new residential housing in the area; it was the right time for us to redevelop the site and ensure we continue to deliver an excellent service to our customers.

“The result is a much better shopping experience and offer for both our existing and new potential customers.”

“Sales at the store have also benefited from the major refit, with overall net sales up by some 40% and alcohol sales doubling in volume.”


Walnut Service Station Refit in Wakefield

wakefieldOakes Uk have been involved with another major refit at Walnut Service Station in Wakefield. This has involved the introduction of LED lighting.

At Walnut the shop floor space has increased fourfold from 140 to 600 sq. ft. and here again, a bigger and brighter store with a greater product range is resulting in shop sales up some 20%.

Another benefit is a growth in weekly fuel volumes. The station’s new contract manager Janagan Yogarasa said: “I am absolutely delighted with my new shop. It now allows me to display a great range of products, while at the same time, giving customers more space to shop.

“Sales have already improved and I am confident that they will continue to increase.”