Refurbishment to Neighbourhood restaurant in Manchester


The Neighbourhood restaurant in Manchester has temporarily closed and is currently looking to reopen after a full refurbishment. Their goal is to bring the look and taste of the beloved Big Apple to Manchester to give customers all of the famous food and drinks of New York.

Neighbourhood started an inspiring journey back in 2013, and this re-opening will be the next chapter for the restaurant. The last three and a half years have been incredible as they have eaten, drank and danced the night away creating timeless memories that will last the company’s life time.

The refurbishment does not stop there, as there are talks of taking the restaurant to Liverpool. James Hitch the founder of East Coast Concepts is ecstatic over the million pound refurbishment and believes the bar will be raised even higher from when they first opened. James hopes to give customers an experience like they have never felt before.

You can look forward to seeing the reopening on the 2nd June. Be sure to check it out as it will be quite the spectacle.

James Hitch

James Hitch – Founder of East Coast Concepts

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