Lighting & Electrical Design

Wide range of design services allow for the best results

At Oakes UK we pride ourselves on having highly qualified and experienced team of designers and engineers that provide extensive electrical services to suit the needs of any customer. We are able to provide a range of lighting & electrical design services from simple developments to complex electrical contracts for new and existing customers with ongoing after sales customer care to ensure our clientele are always satisfied.

We own a wealth of experience within our industry delivering many electrical installation and maintenance projects for small to large projects alike. This experience that has made us one of the most respected and trustworthy companies within our industry. This has allowed many customers returning to us and referring us to other business who require our services

As technology changes so radically and tastes always evolve, as an organisation we need to keep up to date with recent trends. To keep one step ahead of our competitors we utilise cutting edge design and always improve delivery methods.  We are continuously developing our methods of project completion and provide the most up-to-date and cost- effective solutions in the industry.

At Oakes UK we take time to listen and to understand the needs and vision of our customers and the desired result of your project to ensure that we bring your concept to life to fulfil the brief.

With the expertise developed from a range of projects over the years we have been able to advise clients on the most efficient and attractive ways to optimise the use of lighting from illuminating shops to give the best results for displays, mood lighting in bars and security and safety lighting in warehousing. We guarantee to meet the needs and requirements of your business. To see the quality services that we provide be sure to CLICK HERE

As we all work towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future we are all looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet.  When it comes to forecourt lighting, we have worked closely with leading petrol forecourt operators using LED lighting such as Sloan LED and Phillips LED to increase light output. This forecourt lighting technology has helped us to reduce the electricity required with the benefit of saving money on running costs through simple planning and awareness to provide the right cost effective solutions.

If you have any further questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to email or give us a call today. One of our electrical installation experts will be happy to talk to you. CLICK HERE